Kids Hacks: Boredom Tips..

Hi! Welcome to my 1st Kids Hacks series.


These hacks are for kids like my age. I am 10 years old. You can find a lot about me in my profile.

Today, I am showing you cool kids some simple coolzer hacks for you all! This first Hack series is about Boredom.


Ya all kids, we all like to be bored, aren’t we? Playing phone all day, nothing useful at all. Parents will be mad ‘Why are you playing that phone all day?’ they’ll say. I know I ‘ve always experience being a child like that. So, I will give you some simple useful hacks.

But, before you get started make sure to follow me!

Firsty hacky… Write down all your ‘ What You Like ‘  list in a piece of paper. Put it aside, or you can put in a jar or something. Make sure not to lost it!

The simple hacks are:

1st. DIY.  Why don’t you make something yourself? I would really recommend that if you would love being a scientist or proffesor. Be Creative, you kids. Why not use your stupid, fat brain into a good, nice, smart one? You can sell your creativity and make money in a small age.

2nd.  Find your talent. This second hack is try to find your talent. If you really like songs, and like singing, why not trying to play piano? That would be cool! Singing whilw playing piano! It will wow all people in this universe! Well, maybe. Or, if you are into liking English, why not try to practice other languange? Example, Spanish, Swedish, France and Indonesian. So, if you go travelling, you can speak the languange you travel. Travel Prep!

3rd. Storytelling or Writing. If you like to tell stories, but no one is there, how about writing? Blogs, websites, even simple books you can give them to a newspaper office and ask to publish them. You will be a writer like J.K Rowling or Enid Blyton..Or, if you like to tell stories and no one is there too, and you are so lazy to write it in a piece of paper, why not recording a video and give it to your friends or family. They would love that!

4th. Make a piggy bank and go SAVE! Well, its almost the same as the 1st one, though. But, here, you can save the money and buy as much things you want! Well, with your money and not too many! Or, even you can buy toys or food for donating to the homeless or donation center. God will be so proud of you if you donate things to others!!

5th. Last but not least, try new things. With your own money before, you can try things you want. Maybe, if you are bored with your normal food, with your own money, try buying some cheap but unique simple food for your breakfast or dinner! Recess or lunch. Tea time or supper. But, also, make sure you ask your parents if you are allergic or not, or have some kind of illness that you can’t eat something. So, you will check what is the ingredients.



That’s all for today’s hacks. See you in the next chapter of Kids Hacks. Comment down below what next hacks do you want. Food Hacks? Play Hacks? Make sure to comment down below and follow me to know when and what chapter will come up! Bye, then!



The USGS said that a magnitude of 7.5 earthquake struck Sulawesi Tengah was entered a depth of 10 kilometeres about 56 kilometres northeast of Donggala. The official death so far was 384 people. Lots of families are separated and missing. The city – Palu – home to 350.000 people, covered bodies lay on the shore, the day after the 1.5 tsunami waves come ashore. Hospitals have lots of patients that strike from those tsunami and earthquake, while other survivors help to search for missing people and killed ones.  The buildings everywhere was collapsed and a shopping mall turned crumpled. Please pray for our sisters and brothers in Sulawesi Tengah. I hope this information can help you to understand what’s going on in Indonesia this past Friday. I am sorry it is just a few information since I am still a 10 year old that live in Java, Indonesia. Sulawesi is a province in Indonesia so I hope I can help you. I got this information from the news on TV. Please pray for the families who lost their loved ones in the tsunami and earthquake. Thank You.

Tips for Airplanes

For some people, its hard to stay up in the plane. Here are a few tips for airplane beginners..



1. Make sure you have a small backpack with you to bring to the airplane. You can put ziplock with small snacks or yoghurt with you, bringing some activities or games to do in the airplane.                                                                                                                                       2. Try to sleep. It makes you super fit after resting for some hours.

3. Bring earplugs or headphones. If the airplane have TV you don’t need to bring it. But, if not, make sure to bring headphones so you can listen to music until the hearing is better.

4. Eat. What? Why eat? Well, I always observe eating in an airplane and it works for me. It makes me more energetic and active. It also give me power to stay up than to sleep.


That’s 4 tips you can do in an airplane. Hope you enjoy!!❤

Before you have a pet…

Hi ! Welcome back to my WordPress. Today I am gonna tell you what you have to know before you have a pet.

Before I get started, don’t forget to follow my WordPress. Okay, just go into it !

Before I’m having a pet..

  1. Make sure that you are not allergic to the pet that you will get. Example, you want to buy a cat, but you are allergic to it. I am so sorry, but please don’t buy it.
  2.  Have a safe environment for your pet. You need to have a clean place for it. Example,you and your family are going to buy a pet dog. You need to have a safe and clean place for tour dog. How about fish? You need to buy a fish tank.
  3. Have food & drink for your pet. For dogs or cats, I prefer don’t use human foods for them.
  4.  Make sure you know how to have fun with it. You need to take care or play with him or her everyday.
  5.  Make sure you have a time to take care and play with him or her. That’s the most important thing.


Thanks for stopping by in my WordPress. See you next time.

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Favourite Food and Beverages.

  Hello readers ! Today, I am gonna tell you my favourite food and  beverages. 

  1. Main Course : Nasi Goreng[ An Indonesian Fried Rice ] and Spaghetti Bolognese
  2.  Beverages : Milk and Yakult [ An Indonesian Drink]
  3. Drinks : Guava Juice and Avocado Juice
  4. Others : French Fries, Potato Chips,
  5. Fruits : Mango, Apple, Banana
  6. Vegetables: Broccoli, Carrot.
  7. Dessert: Pancake with maple syrup, Ice Cream ,etc.[Well, usually I like waffles but only with strawberry jam or chocolate topping or sprinkles. Well, sprinkles though. I LOVE SPRINKLES! ]

PE [ Physical Education ] lesson

Hello Readers ! Student or parents !!!! Welcome to the second blog that I make. 

Who doesnt  like Sport ? PE ? Nobody hates PE! Right ?

I love playing badminton. It’s super fun.                                                                                           Readers : How do you play it? Teach us                                                                                              Okay, first you need to learn the low surf before you do the high surf.

Let’s Learn !!


You  put your right hand to the east while holding the racquet. Then you put the cock almost at the racket. You take off the cock from your hands then swing it. Do it until you can do it. ” Practice makes Perfect” .

Dictionary :

Cock: What is a cock? A cock is a ball that is special for Badminton. It is an abbreviation of shuttlecock.

Thank you for learning Badminton. A.K.A. The low surf.

Bye Readers.